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The Hits Just Keep On Coming

By “hits,” I mean Merle Hazard’s Golden Newbie Euro-crisis Euro-tunes, as well as the Internet views that they’ve been garnering.

Monday’s post: The Pain in Spain Falls Plainly from Merle’s Brain.

Yesterday’s: Erin Go Broke.

And today, the world debut of the Joe Green classic, “Capital is Mobile.”

For all three, as well as tomorrow’s German “Ode to Joy,” credit where credit is due:

Mandolin: Frances Cunningham, one of a very few to have played the bouzouki at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. She has recorded with Nashville country and bluegrass artists and toured the world with Six Mile Bridge, a Celtic rock band.

Camera: Tom Noser and Matt Westerman

Editor: Bob Burns

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Support for Making Sen$e Provided By:

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