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The Strange, Animal-Killing Side Effects of Tax Policy Changes

“I don’t want to jeopardize my family because I tried to make the country a better place.”

Arthur Laffer, economist to Ronald Reagan and famous for the Laffer Curve theory, which we explored on Wednesday’s NewsHour in ‘Taxes: How High is Too high?‘, had reason to be concerned. In the 1980s he received death threats (the kind with letters cut out of newspapers and magazines) for his role in reducing taxes on wealthy Americans. His property was attacked. He had the Secret Service check on his children at school because he feared they would become targets. So he picked up and moved his family from California to Tennessee.

Laffer said he was often called a “dirty Jew.” Ironic since he’s Christian.

Why Tennessee? How bad were the attacks? And what about the animals who died? Listen as Laffer explains in his own words in our video below:

Video edited by Bob Burns and produced by Lee Koromvokis.

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