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WATCH: WHO reports 80 percent rise in infections in last four weeks

The World Health Organization warned on Friday of the vast spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus and said it should serve as a “call to action” to speed up vaccination around the world before “more variants emerge.”

Watch the briefing stream in the video player above.

The WHO reported on Friday that worldwide infections had increased by 80%, or nearly doubled, over the past four weeks.

“People keep asking for magic dust. It doesn’t exist. The only magic dust we do have is vaccination. The problem is we are not sprinkling that evenly around the world and we’re working against ourselves,” said Dr Mike Ryan from the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, who was speaking during a news conference in Geneva.

In spite of pledges from EU countries to donate vaccines to developing countries, there has been widespread criticism of rich nations.

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Leaders of African countries such as Kenya have claimed that developed countries are simply not doing enough.

“All regions are at risk, but none more so than Africa. On current trends, nearly 70% of African countries will not reach the 10% vaccination target by the end of September,” said WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

“Many African countries have prepared well to roll out vaccines, but the vaccines have not arrived,” he added.