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WATCH: Mayor de Blasio says New Yorkers nervous about mass transit may have to improvise

New York City appears to be on track to begin loosening restrictions in June, but residents who don’t yet feel comfortable commuting by subway may have to improvise, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday.

“We are trying to get the subways and buses to be as clean and safe as possible in a really, really imperfect situation,” de Blasio said. “If people want to use cars because that’s what makes them comfortable, and obviously there still is a lot less traffic on the road, then they’re going to use cars.”

De Blasio said the city is on target to enter the first phase of the reopening process sometime in the next two weeks, which would bring an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 people back to work.

Businesses normally rely on public transportation to get their employees to work in a city where fewer than half of households own a car.

Fears of the coronavirus have sent ridership on city buses and subways plummeting, but a return could mean crowded cars again and little hope of social distancing.

De Blasio said the city is providing 2 million masks for businesses reopening and will also offer training and a worker protection hot line.