12 Days of NewsHour: A voicemail greeting from Gwen and Judy

12DaysBanner_FinalWelcome to Day 4 of our 12 Days of NewsHour. To thank our audience for supporting PBS NewsHour all year long, We’ll be releasing a new gift each day until Dec. 19.

Today’s gift comes to you from PBS NewsHour co-anchors Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff. This time of year fills many of us with the desire to pick up the phone and catch up with friends and family. While there is no way to prevent the disappointment of those nearest and dearest to you when they call and you are not there to answer the phone, their feelings of disappointment may be assuaged ever so slightly by this unexpected and delightful voicemail greeting from Gwen and Judy. You can download the audio file above as an MP3 and upload it directly to your phone, or record the voicemail from your computer’s speakers.

When you do call your loved ones back, be sure to fill them in on the other gifts we’ve unveiled. On Day 1 we invited you to cozy up by the fire. On Day 2 we provided a NewsHour-themed craft to keep you occupied while you’re snowed-in this winter. And on Day 3 Judy Woodruff shared one of her favorite recipes.

Check back tomorrow for Day 5. And remember to share photos of yourself enjoying your gifts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #12DaysofNewsHour.