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Gwen Ifill honored with Black Heritage Forever stamp

Some people leave an indelible mark on the world, and our friend Gwen Ifill is one of them. The NewsHour legend was honored Thursday with a Black Heritage Forever stamp celebrating her professional achievements and contributions to African American communities.

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Gwen Ifill and students Jephtane Sophie Sabin and Kennedy Huff at the NewsHour in 2014.
Remembering Gwen: Letters by Gwen Ifill fellows

When Gwen Ifill was named the co-anchor of the PBS NewsHour in 2013, she said she hoped little girls would watch her and think it “perfectly normal” to occupy an anchor’s desk someday.

On March 24, 2016, seven months and three weeks before she died, Gwen Ifill sent out a tweet. “Thinking of writing something about meanness,” it said. “Thoughts? (Kind ones, please.)”…