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Colorado retailers sold 19 tons of pot in 2014, state report says

The facts are in about Colorado’s first year of legal recreational marijuana sales. Among them: Colorado retailers sold more than 19 tons of bud and 2.9 million units of pot-infused edibles in 2014.

Colorado’s revenue department announced the findings Friday in a report on the state’s marijuana industry.

According to a Washington Post analysis of state tax data, Colorado businesses sold nearly $700 million of marijuana in 2014.

While medical dispensaries sold more flowering marijuana — the kind used for smoking — and account for a greater share of the pot market generally, the majority of edibles sold were for recreational use.

Although they are lucrative for retailers, edibles have been a source of controversy in Colorado. The treats come in a variety of forms, from baked goods to gummy bears, and have been criticized as likely to appeal to children.

Some Colorado hospitals have seen an increase in the number of children brought in for accidental marijuana ingestion, the Denver Post reported.

Vendors also faced concerns about the potency of edibles, which could contain up to ten doses in one small treat, leading some people to mistakenly ingest more than intended.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll found 58 percent of Coloradans support legalization one year after legal marijuana sales began in the state. Only 19 percent say they’ve used marijuana since it was legalized, however.

On Feb. 26, the District of Columbia joined Colorado, Alaska and Washington state in legalizing recreational use and possession of marijuana.