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Guns on sale in a case at a gun store in Fort Worth, Texas. Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

In third season premiere, host of ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ covers racism and guns

When the myth busting, fact-based comedy series “Adam Ruins Everything” first aired on TruTV in September of 2015, comedian Adam Conover was breaking down “topics that people are not divided on.”

Explaining historical context behind diamond engagement rings, vitamin supplements, Halloween and more, he said the show aimed to open people’s minds about social norms, while staying away from America’s more obvious fault lines. But the show dissolved that safeguard for the third season’s premiere on Nov. 27.

From misconceptions about the Second Amendment to racism, the show takes on gun control, an issue Conover recently described to NewsHour Weekend as “the big one,” while saying he believes the show’s reputation helped sidestep the country’s tumultuous relationship with the truth.

“People come to [our show] because they like to learn and they like to feel that they’re getting good information,” Conover said, he told NewsHour Weekend web producer Pavni Mittal. “I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish.”

Watch that interview below.

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