Nation Mar 27

NewsHour Weekend update: The torch passes on

Next weekend you’re likely to see some changes- the NewsHour Weekend program heads to D.C. and will be anchored by Geoff Bennet. Since 2013 the program has been produced by WNET, the public television station in New York, and now…

Mar 27

Blinken reassures allies ahead of possible Iran deal

Blinken made the comments shortly before joining his counterparts from Israel and four Arab countries at a special gathering where the Iranian nuclear deal was expected to top the agenda. Israel and many of its neighbors are fiercely opposed to…

Mar 27

The idea is simple but controversial. People receive a set amount of money periodically with no strings attached. Advocates believe that this gives recipients, often in the most marginalized groups, freedom to spend it in ways that are most beneficial…

Mar 26

Biden says Putin ‘cannot remain in power’

Even as Biden’s words rocketed around the world, the White House attempted to clarify soon after Biden finished speaking in Poland that he was not calling for a new government in Russia.