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INFOGRAPHIC: U.S. pensions in peril

Tonight on NewsHour Weekend, the debut of “The Pension Peril,” a public television initiative looking at the nation’s more than trillion dollar shortfall in funding for public employees’ retirement benefits.

We begin our series with a report from the Netherlands, which provides pensions for public employees and almost everyone else.

Here’s a look at how the two countries compare:

Credit: Elisabeth Ponsot and Saskia DeMelker

Sources: (from top to bottom)

  1. The Pew Center on The States
  2. New York Times, “How They Do It Elsewhere”
  3. Pension Rights Center
  4. Federation of Dutch Pension Funds
  5. Dutch Central Bank
  6. Federation of Dutch Pension Funds

Watch our report: “Do the Dutch have the pension problem solved?

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