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NewsHour Live Twitter Chat: Stopping Gun Violence

The PBS NewsHour holds live Twitter chats on Thursdays. This week: stopping gun violence. Join us @newshour. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Bring up the topic of guns and there’s likely to be no shortage of opinions. Mass shootings in Tucson, Ariz.; Aurora, Colo.; and Newtown, Conn., have continued to prompt national conversations on ways to reduce gun violence. This week PBS NewsHour explored three such initiatives in California.

In Summer Night Lights, Correspondent Ray Surez examined how summer block parties are making Los Angeles safer by bringing gang members, police officers and other neighbors together. In Reclaiming Guns, Correspondent Spencer Michels looked at the mixed response to California’s Armed and Prohibited Persons program. The initiative confiscates legally purchased guns from those that later become barred from owning them. In Prison Peacemakers, Correspondent Kathryn Olson reports on “GRIP — Guiding Rage into Power,” a program attempting to reduce recidivism by addressing the root causes of violent behavior.

And online, NewsHour examined “straw purchases,” which is when someone knowingly buys a gun on behalf of someone who is prohibited from owning one. We also examined the number illegal firearms California has confiscated since 2007.

NewsHour hosted a live Twitter chat to discuss these and other issues related to reducing gun violence on Thursday, July 25. You can review the discussion below. We will be hosting live chats regularly on Thursdays. Follow @NewsHour for details and use the hashtag #NewsHourChats.

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