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Launching the PBS NewsHour

Welcome to the new PBS NewsHour Web site. We’re in the midst of some big changes at the NewsHour and we wanted to take a moment to offer insight into the shifts.

The new PBS NewsHour is the latest evolution of “MacNeil-Lehrer” journalism. The new program and Web site represent a logical transformation of our news organization to engage, inform and enlighten Americans about the issues and events that directly affect their everyday lives.

This re-launch has been guided by audience and station research and is an effort to provide our broadcast and digital audiences with NewsHour content wherever, whenever and however they want to access it.

To this end, we’ve merged our broadcast and digital staffs and expanded our newsroom. Our senior correspondents will have a larger presence online. All of this is aimed at bringing you the same high-quality “MacNeil-Lehrer” journalism online that is our hallmark on-air.

On the broadcast, Jim Lehrer remains the lead anchor and executive editor. The NewsHour team of Senior Correspondents — Gwen Ifill, Judy Woodruff, Ray Suarez, Margaret Warner, Jeffrey Brown — are still in place, with plans to better showcase their talents and shape a deeper daily dive into the “why” of a story, not just the “what happened.”

And we’re introducing a new member to the correspondent team: Hari Sreenivasan. Hari will play a key role in bridging our broadcast and digital platforms. He will report and anchor video news updates on the redesigned PBS NewsHour Web site and help shape our newly-launched news blog, the Rundown.

Hari will also appear nightly on the PBS NewsHour broadcast, anchoring a summary of the day’s headlines from the broadcast’s newsroom.

Finally, we’re continuing to strengthen our collaboration with local public television stations and other public media. We want to be a vibrant hub of public media news reporting that is cross-generational, diverse and dynamic.

We hope you’ll join us as we enter this new phase and let us know what you think along the way.

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