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Trio of Car Bombs Mark Latest Violence in Iraq

One of the bombings occurred in an upscale shopping district in the capital city, killing at least six Iraqis, demolishing several nearby cars and setting fire to an apartment building, according to the Associated Press.

Another exploded in northwest Baghdad as a small convoy of vehicles carrying Maj. Gen. Fuleih Rasheed, the head of a police commando unit linked to the Interior Ministry, was passing. Rasheed and three of his bodyguards were wounded, but none sustained life-threatening injuries, police said, Reuters reported.

A third bomb exploded in the Zayonah district of Baghdad, killing two policemen and wounding 10 people.

Since Thursday, when the Iraqi National Assembly approved a partial Cabinet after three months of internal negotiating, at least 130 people, including 11 Americans and one British soldier, have been killed in a slew of bombings, ambushes and other attacks, reported the AP.

The cabinet is comprised of mostly Shiite Muslims, reflecting the outcome of elections on Jan. 30. The Sunni minority, which dominated the country during Saddam Hussein’s reign, is now a minority partner in the government. Some analysts fear frustration with the composition of the government is fueling an insurgency that is now mostly Sunni-driven, reported The Washington Post.

The worst toll in the recent attacks occurred Sunday when a suicide bomber detonated an ambulance loaded with explosives at a funeral for a Kurdish Democratic Party official. Twenty-five people were killed and more than 50 wounded in Tel Afar, 90 miles east of the Syrian border.

U.S. and Iraqi forces imposed a curfew in Tel Afar on Monday and were preventing vehicles from entering or leaving the city, provincial Deputy Gov. Khisru Goran said.

Meanwhile, the British Embassy said Monday that a fourth suspect has been detained in the abduction and killing of British aid worker Margaret Hassan last fall. The arrest followed a U.S.-Iraqi raid early Sunday in an insurgent area 20 miles south of Baghdad that netted three other suspects.

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