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Car Bombs in Iraq Kill At Least 56

A second car bomb exploded in a market near a Shiite mosque in Shurta, a mixed Shiite-Sunni neighborhood southwest of Baghdad. The attack killed at least six people and wounded more than 20, many of them children.

Police vehicles were the target of suicide car bombers in two separate attacks. An explosion in northern Baghdad killed three policemen and wounded six bystanders. Farther north near the town of Haditha, a bomber attacked two police vehicles leaving a U.S. base. Although no one was killed, eight policemen were seriously wounded.

Roadside bombs targeting Iraqi police and army patrols killed 10 others, including two policemen and two bystanders in Baghdad, a policeman and an Iraqi army soldier near the town of Iskandariya, south of Baghdad and four policeman in western Baquba north of the capital.

Elsewhere in Baghdad, attacks aimed at releasing prisoners continued. Gunmen ambushed a convoy transferring detainees north to Mosul, killing two policemen and wounding two.

An insurgent attack Tuesday successfully freed more than 30 prisoners from a jail north of Baghdad. However, a second attack south of the capital was thwarted when U.S. troops and a special Iraqi unit captured 50 insurgents who had lay siege to the building in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Also in Iraq, 14 more bodies were discovered, the latest victims in a string of sectarian killings that have plagued the country since the bombing of an important Shiite shrine in February.

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