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On Wednesday’s NewsHour…

Here’s what’s planned for Wednesday night on the PBS NewsHour:

Health Care: With the apparent demise of the public option in the Senate, Gwen Ifill anchors a discussion about where things stand. She’ll be talking with Amy Walter of “The Hotline,” and health care analysts Jacob Hacker and Matt Miller.

Climate Summit: Judy Woodruff examines what’s at stake for the U.S. and the world at the climate summit in Copenhagen.

Chicago Arraignment: Jim Lehrer will interview Sebastian Rotella of the Los Angeles Times, following the arraignment today of alleged terrorist David Coleman Headley, who is charged with being a key plotter in the attack on Mumbai, India, last year.

Patchwork Nation: Ray Suarez continues our weeklong series on the nation’s economy. Tonight, he looks at how Tractor Country is faring, with a report from Sioux Center, Iowa.

Piano Man: Jeffrey Brown profiles pianist Richard Glazier, keeping the music of George and Ira Gershwin alive. Also … We are mindful today that many of you will be dealing with heavy snows and an early start to the winter season. Kwame Holman is taking a look at the storm and will report it in our news summary. In the newsroom today, Hari Sreenivasan has been talking to Amy Walter of “The Hotline” about yesterday’s primary race in Massachusetts – you’ll find that video on our Web site tonight. And Margaret Warner fans will find more of her reporting from Europe both on-line and on-the-air. She’s currently in Berlin, preparing a broadcast report on European attitudes towards Afghanistan that we plan to transmit later this week. Please keep in touch with us via the feedback page on our new Web site. Your comments as the PBS NewsHour rollout continues are hugely important to us, and we look forward to reading them.

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