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Program Offers Badly Wounded Vets a Rugged Road Back to Health

On the NewsHour Monday, we present a profile of LifeQuest — a private, civilian-run organization in Colorado Springs that helps badly wounded veterans recover their physical and mental health.

The non-profit group uses a combination of physical exercise and Outward Bound-style adventure training to help soldiers make the often-difficult transition back to civilian life.

Sergeant First Class (Ret.) Justin Widhalm was the very first participant in the LifeQuest program. He was injured in Iraq in 2006, when he was dropped out of a Black Hawk helicopter – this was after he survived 13 roadside bombs and the injures they caused.

There wasn’t time in the broadcast story to fully explore his account of his injuries and his three-year odyssey to literally get back on his feet, so we’re posting a substantial excerpt from the full interview with this courageous young man here:

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