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Tom Bearden joined the NewsHour in 1985 as a Correspondent based in Denver and has done extensive reporting on commercial aviation, the environment, immigration, the military, technology, science, and various natural disasters.

From 1971 to 1985, he was a reporter and anchor for WJTV Jackson, Mississippi; WHBQ Memphis, Tennessee; KMGH Denver, Colorado. He won a regional Emmy for investigative reporting, both national and local Sigma Delta Chi Awards, two Cine Golden Eagle awards for science reporting, and a National Press Club award for environmental reporting. While with the NewsHour, Tom has filed stories from all 50 states, Japan, Panama, France, Qatar, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and Chile.

Tom is married, has two adult children, and lives in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Tom's Recent Stories

Nation Apr 04

Program Offers Badly Wounded Vets a Rugged Road Back to Health

On the NewsHour Monday, we present a profile of LifeQuest -- a private, civilian-run organization in Colorado Springs that helps badly wounded veterans recover their physical and mental health. The non-profit group uses a combination of physical exercise and Outward…

World Mar 01

Students Experience Hunger to Raise Money for Haiti

Students sort clothes at World Vision warehouse. Photo by Tom Bearden Any parent can testify to the fact that teenagers can sometimes resemble a plague of locusts -- they can eat you out of house and home. So it…

World Sep 10

Trapped Miners’ Families Stay Vigilant in Chile

COPIAPO, Chile | The makeshift tent city at the entrance to the San Jose gold and copper mine houses relatives of the 33 miners trapped by a cave-in nearly half a mile underground. For more than a month, they have…

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