UPDATE: New York becomes latest state to challenge teacher tenure law

Two separate education advocacy groups have filed suits in New York challenging the state’s teacher tenure laws.

The suits claim that current laws, which protect teacher employment, violate the constitutional rights of children and make it difficult to dismiss ineffective teachers.

The suits are modeled after a successful California case known as ‘Vergara v. California,’ which was recently featured on PBS NewsHour WeekendJust last month, a judge in the California case struck down laws on teacher tenure and job protections, paving the way for similar cases across the country.

The New York cases were filed by the groups New York City Parents Union and Partnership for Educational Justice, which was founded by former journalist Campbell Brown.

Teachers unions in California are planning to appeal the Vergara case, but it appears that won’t prevent other groups from tackling the issue of teacher tenure in their states.

Advocacy groups in Connecticut and Pennsylvania have also announced they are in the early stages of filing their own suits against teacher tenure.

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