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Tracy Wholf joined NewsHour Weekend in 2013 as an associate producer and frequently appears on the show as a correspondent covering environmental, educational and cultural stories. She previously worked as a producer and researcher for the TV news magazine program Dan Rather Reports where she earned her first Emmy nomination for a story about human rights issues in Afghanistan. Prior to working in journalism, Tracy spent 10 years as a musical theater performer and danced with the Las Vegas company of “Mamma Mia!” for a year. She is an alumnus of Northwestern University and Columbia University.

Tracy's Recent Stories

Nation Nov 28

What did the shopping mall look like in 1956?

The indoor mall became a ubiquitous symbol of American suburbia in the 20th century. But America's first shopping mall, still landing in Edina, Minnesota, was designed, like every enclosed mall modeled after it, to bring some urbanity to suburbia. NewHour…

Arts Oct 08

For readers young and old, YA is A-OK

Young adult fiction is one of the most successful categories of book sales for the publishing industry today, and authors who've traditionally wrote for an older crowd have begun to dip their pen in YA ink.

Nation Aug 23

POLL: Do you think employers should use background checks?

Employers and screeners say the checks are an important tool for reducing liability for negligent hiring. But the practice has come under fire from those who say it can lead to discrimination and decreased job opportunities for the 70 million…

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