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WATCH: Dayton shooting witness recounts the moment gunfire rang out

Anthony Reynolds says this Saturday night should have been one he and his cousin looked back on fondly. The music was great; everyone was enjoying their summer night out in the Oregon District of downtown Dayton. But just after Reynolds decided to call it a night, he heard the distinct sounds of gunfire as he walked past a long line of people waiting to get into Ned Peppers Bar.

Reynolds, a father of two daughters, told the PBS NewsHour he could see the shooter “clear as day.” Reynolds and his cousin began to run away from the bar, shouting at others — frozen in place — to do the same. Reynolds considers himself lucky, because, he says, “one more drink…and I’m still in the line of fire.”

As the Dayton community continues to process this weekend’s shooting that left 10 dead, including the gunman, Reynolds says he wants action taken.

“Why do you need a 100 rounds of ammunition at one time on something? So, we selling death tools to people. Like, how we doing that?,” he said.

Reynolds hopes Dayton can make the changes first that might spur others to action. “When things happen here, we stick together,” says Reynolds of his hometown.

Reynolds added, ahead of today’s visit, that although he isn’t a fan of President Trump, he supports the president visiting his community. His only request: that President Trump “just come with respect.”

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