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WATCH: Eric Garner’s mother says government ‘let us down’ with decision to not bring charges

The Rev. Al Sharpton says Eric Garner’s family has been told that the government won’t bring civil rights charges in his death — a decision he calls “a moral disgrace” and “judicial malpractice.”

Sharpton spoke at an emotional news conference after the family met with prosecutors in New York on Tuesday.

He says the decision shows that people’s federal civil rights are not protected “no matter what the evidence is.”

Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, says the government “has let us down.”

Officers were attempting to arrest Garner in 2014 on charges he sold loose, untaxed cigarettes outside a convenience store. Garner refused to be handcuffed, and officers took him down.

A medical examiner found a chokehold contributed to his death.

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