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WATCH: Stephon Clark hit by 8 bullets during fatal police encounter, according to independent autopsy

UPDATE: Stephon Clark was hit by eight bullets in a deadly encounter with police earlier this month, an independent autopsy released by his family Friday show.

The autopsy, detailed at a news conference Friday by Dr. Bennet Omalu, a medical examiner hired on behalf of Clark’s family, also showed that the bullets hit Clark from behind, Omalu said.

The family of Stephon Clark is expected to release the results of an independent autopsy today, two weeks after Sacramento, California, police shot and killed the unarmed black man in the backyard of his grandparents’ home.

Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Clark’s family, is expected to announce the autopsy’s findings Friday afternoon.

The official report from the Sacramento County Coroner won’t be made available until weeks from now, KCRA reported. Preliminary findings released by the office earlier this week indicated that Clark died from multiple gun shot wounds. The county’s full autopsy report won’t be released until the case is adjudicated in court, CNN reported.

On the night of March 18, officers responded to a 911 call about someone breaking car windows in a Sacramento neighborhood, according to a police report. After a police helicopter using an infrared camera zeroed in on Clark, two officers arrived outside Clark’s grandparents’ home to confront him.

According to body camera footage that captured the fatal encounter, one officer is heard shouting, “Show me your hands. Gun! Gun! Gun!” before the officers shoot their weapons.

Police later said that the officers fired 20 shots, though it’s unclear how many of those shots hit Clark. Police also said officers believed Clark was holding a gun, but later discovered he was likely holding a cell phone, which was found at the crime scene.

Warning: This video contains graphic material.

Clark’s death have sparked days of protests, with activists and community members calling for police reform and accountability. They also asked why officers muted their body cameras after the shooting, and why they waited to administer medical care.

Crump told the PBS NewsHour that while Clark ran from police, the officers also didn’t identify themselves. “And [the officers] also gave him no humanity after they executed him. I mean, they shot him 20 times. And when you think about that, they could have done so many things differently that was within their policy than to use the most lethal use of force possible,” Crump said.

Yamiche Alcindor talks with Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Clark’s family.

Earlier this week, officials announced that the California Department of Justice will be aiding in the investigation into Clark’s death, providing oversight.

Clark’s funeral was held on Thursday. His brother Stevante Clark was visibly distraught in his mourning. The Rev. Al Sharpton, who delivered a eulogy, also criticized the White House for saying that the officer-involved shooting was a local issue.

The family has signaled that they may file a federal lawsuit as soon as Friday over Clark’s death.

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