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WATCH: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo gives coronavirus update

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a news conference on Wednesday to give an update on the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch in the video player above.

The day before, Cuomo unveiled a new Thanksgiving accessory for New Yorkers – a turkey face mask.

An inscription on the mask reads, “Don’t be a turkey” and “Wear a mask.”

Cuomo wore the face covering, complete with turkey eyes and a beak, along with the state’s Department of Health logo on it, during a news conference in Long Island.

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“We have a special mask for Thanksgiving because, you know, we’re all so creative in New York and we do things a little different,” the governor said as he held up the mask. “Don’t be a turkey this Thanksgiving, wear a mask!”

“How good-looking is this mask? You ready?” Cuomo said before putting the mask over his face.

Cuomo urged New Yorkers to avoid travel and be cautious over Thanksgiving as coronavirus cases continue to spike across the state.

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