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WATCH: Trump holds immigration roundtable at Border Patrol station

President Donald Trump plans to visit a border patrol station and a section of the border during his visit Thursday to McAllen, Texas.

The president is expected to host a border security roundtable in Texas at approximately 2 p.m. EST this afternoon. Watch live in the player above.

McAllen is located in the Rio Grande Valley, the busiest part of the border for illegal border crossings. There, the president will participate in a roundtable on immigration and border security and receive a security briefing on the border.

Trump is taking the shutdown battle to the U.S.-Mexico border, seeking to bolster his case for a border wall after the latest negotiations with Democrats blew up over his funding demands.

The president stalked out of a meeting with congressional leaders Wednesday as efforts to end the shutdown fell into deeper disarray. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers now face lost paychecks on Friday.

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