WATCH: White House defends Biden’s response to Supreme Court abortion decision

After President Joe Biden condemned the Supreme Court decision ending a constitutional right to abortion and signed an executive order to try to protect access to the procedure, White House aides echoed his plea for Americans to make it an election issue in November.

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“The Supreme Court has taken away a constitutional right that was precedent for nearly 50 years,” said Jennifer Klein, the executive director of the White House Gender Policy Council. Her office aims to advance gender equity and equality in domestic and foreign policy.

“We are all very mindful that that can’t be solved by executive action alone and that the best and fastest way to fix that is by codifying Roe, restoring Roe by legislation,” she said.

Klein outlined how the executive action has formalized instructions to the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services to push back on efforts to limit the ability of women to access federally approved abortion medication or to travel across state lines to access clinical abortion services.

WATCH: Biden signs executive order to push back on abortion restrictions

Biden is directing agencies to work to educate medical providers and insurers about how and when they are required to share privileged patient information with authorities. It’s an effort to protect women who seek or utilize abortion services.

He is also asking the Federal Trade Commission to take steps to protect the privacy of those seeking information about reproductive care online and establish an interagency task force to coordinate federal efforts to safeguard access to abortion.

“The way to to to really address this is for people to make sure that their voices are heard at the ballot box,” said White House Press Secretary Katrine Jean-Pierre.

“That is what he is calling for,” she said.