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How to watch the PBS NewsHour

You may have recently heard about the healthy growth in PBS NewsHour’s television viewing audience. Or, maybe you’re a new viewer, interested in what options you have for viewing our program. Either way, here’s a simple guide to where you can find the show so you never have to miss a newscast.

Your Local PBS Station
First of all, the PBS NewsHour is broadcast on all PBS local stations. The local stations are overwhelmingly the best place to find our programming, whether you’re looking for our evening broadcasts or other special PBS NewsHour coverage. Check your local listings at PBS.org, and tune in to watch or set your DVR to record.

But if you’re away from your television, you may want to watch us online. There are quite a few options.

Our show is broadcast live online and available on our homepage at pbs.org/newshour, each evening beginning at 6 p.m. ET. This broadcast is provided through our YouTube channel, and can also be watched at that location.

When the show ends, our full nightly broadcast and all segments are available on our website each evening. We take pains to post our video without delay, and we provide video on multiple platforms so that in the event one platform is unavailable, our viewers can still watch us on another.

PBS.org hosts the last 30 days of PBS NewsHour full episodes and clips of all our segments on the main PBS video page. Our reports appear there each evening.

In addition to PBS.org, our video is uploaded to our YouTube channel each evening, immediately after our 6 p.m. ET broadcast ends. On YouTube, you’ll also find our coverage of daily news events, our special digital series “ScienceScope,” and more.

Mobile and TV Apps
In addition to the Web, PBS NewsHour video is available on several mobile and television-connected apps.

Our full show and clips can be watched in the PBS app on both Android and iOS.

Likewise, viewers can watch all of our video, as well as a live stream of our program in our own PBS NewsHour app on iOS or Android.

Thanks to PBS’s broad distribution of video across popular streaming devices, viewers can also watch our video inside the PBS apps on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast and Xbox One.

In addition to all of the above locations that carry our full show and clips, you can find selected clips of our content in a handful of other news apps, including Flipboard, Apple News, Smartnews and Watchup.

Social Media
Finally, each evening we provide live highlights of our program in our Twitter and Facebook feeds. Visit us there for a chance to discuss the PBS NewsHour with other viewers.

We are always seeking new ways to make the PBS NewsHour available to our audience, so if you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

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