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What we’re watching Sunday

Snowden used cheap software to gather NSA files

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden used a low-cost software tool to gather the sensitive intelligence files he leaked to media outlets, according to a report in the New York Times.

A senior intelligence official told the Times that Snowden used a “web crawler” program to “scrape” the NSA system while he did his daily work.

Seats going unfilled in Sochi venues

As the first weekend of the 2014 Winter Olympics is coming to a close, reports from Sochi show organizers may be having a problem filling the seats.

Photos from various media outlets show sparsely filled stands and the Wall Street Journal reported small crowds at events in the Olympic Park and “mountain cluster” venues. In January, organizers said more than 80 percent of tickets had been sold.

Bangladesh factory owners surrender, charged with homicide

The two factory owners linked to a deadly garment factory fire in Bangladesh have turned themselves in to authorities on Sunday. The husband and wife pair, Delwar Hossain and Mahmuda Akter, owned the building, which caught on fire and killed 112 people in 2012.

Hossain and Akter face a seven-year minimum sentence for homicide charges. There are 11 others charged in the case, with four still at large.

The building did not have emergency exits and workers discovered the gates were locked from the outside when they tried to evacuate.