People protest President Donald Trump's travel ban outside of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Seattle, Washington in May. Pho...

5 overlooked politics stories that are worth your time

The 24-hour news cycle is filled with politics coverage, but not everything gets the attention it deserves. Here are five politics stories you may have missed in the past week.

  1. After 11-year hiatus, could death penalty soon be carried out again in California? – 8/24. The California Supreme Court last week largely upheld a controversial voter-approved ballot measure that speeds up the execution process. – LA Times
  2. Denver elevates immigration stance – 8/28. The city joins Chicago, New York and others in challenging President Donald Trump on immigration. — Denver Post
  3. General Assembly clears key hurdles to meet maps deadline – 8/28. Under court orders, the North Carolina legislature is redrawing the state’s legislative map, ahead of the 2018 elections. – Charlotte Observer
  4. Kasich, Hickenlooper agree on health-care proposal – 8/29. The Republican and Democratic governors say they have a plan to stabilize the marketplaces. – Columbus Dispatch
  5. Ninth Circuit hears fight over interpretation of Trump travel ban – 8/28. The appeals court appears poised to reject the administration’s argument that grandparents should be included in the ban. — Politico

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