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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach talks about the Kansas voter ID law that he pushed to combat what he believes to be rampant voter fraud in the United States in his Topeka, Kansas, U.S., office May 12, 2016. Photo By Dave Kaup/Reuters

5 overlooked politics stories that are worth your time

The 24-hour news cycle is filled with politics coverage, but not everything gets the attention it deserves. Here are five politics stories you may have missed in the past week.

  1. Ad War Means Local TV Stations Win Big In Georgia’s Special Election — 5/21. Atlanta television stations add more programming to keep up with the ads leading up to June’s special election. — NPR
  2. Arrests on civil immigration charges go up 38 percent in the first 100 days since Trump’s executive order — 5/17. ICE have arrests dramatically increased. — LA Times
  3. ‘Kris Kobach Came After Me for an Honest Mistake’ — 5/21. The Kansas Secretary of State is leading the White House’s committee looking into voter fraud. — Politico
  4. Montana Special Election Brings Special Challenges For Voter Access — 5/18. Montanans vote for their sole representative in the House on Thursday, but some may face challenges casting their ballot. — Montana Public Radio
  5. With NAFTA on table, Canadians tout cross-border trade — 5/19. As President Trump considers renegotiating NAFTA, Companies on both sides of the Buffalo/Ontario border consider how it will affect business. — The Buffalo News

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