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Biden would get rid of subsidies for oil, gas companies

Joe Biden says that he would eliminate subsidies for oil and gas businesses and that the heads of fossil fuel companies should be held personally liable for polluting the planet.

Biden’s remarks came during a lengthy debate on Wednesday between the Democratic presidential candidates on how to tackle climate change.

Mike Bloomberg, meanwhile, says the United States needs to work with China because people in both nations are at risk from climate change. He’s talking up his funding of a Sierra Club initiative aimed at closing coal-fired power plants.

Bernie Sanders didn’t directly address how he’d respond to union workers in Pennsylvania who work in fracking, which Sanders wants to ban. Instead, he spoke broadly about the urgent need to address the climate crisis. Amy Klobuchar says she wouldn’t eliminate all fracking but would make sure all permits are carefully reviewed.

All of the candidates support rejoining an international climate agreement that President Donald Trump withdrew from.