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Democrats Roll Out Celebrities at DNC in Hopes of Closing Fundraising Gap

With the meteoric rise of super PACS and the repeal of some individual and corporate restrictions on presidential and congressional fundraising, outside money is pouring into this year’s presidential campaign from every angle.

The NewsHour followed Keenan Steiner and Liz Bartolomeo of the Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit in Washington, D.C. that advocates for government transparency, last week in Tampa Bay as they party-crashed several events and tried to get a taste of how Republicans were shaking the campaign coffers.

This week we followed the pair again as they looked for opportunities to peak behind the left’s money curtain at the DNC in Charlotte. We spoke with Steiner and Bartolomeo about how Democrats have been using the lure of celebrities in an effort to combat Republican advantages in attracting outside campaign cash.

Ashley Judd, will.i.am, George Clooney, Jeff Bridges and James Taylor have all participated in fundraising events for the Democrats this week. Kal Penn addressed the convention on Tuesday night and Eva Longoria will speak on Thursday.

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