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In Michigan win, Biden backed by lower-income voters

In Michigan, a state President Donald Trump won in 2016, non-white voters and voters with household incomes of less than $50,000 were more likely to back former Vice President Joe Biden, according to preliminary data from the Associated Press’ VoteCast survey.

More than three-quarters of non-white Michiganders supported the winning Democrat, compared to 20 percent favoring Trump. And a majority of voters from low-income households — 54 percent — were for Biden. By comparison, a slight majority of voters in the state who made $50,000 or more — 52 percent — chose Trump.

A small number of Michigan Republican and Republican-leaning voters also chose Biden over Trump. Seven percent of conservative voters said they crossed the aisle to back Biden, while 3 percent of Democrat and Democratic-leaning voters supported Trump. Biden also held a significant lead among Michigan independents, getting 48 percent of that vote. Despite a few defectors, the vast majority of Michigan Republican and Republican-leaning voters — 92 percent — chose Trump. So far nationwide, VoteCast data suggests 4 percent of left-leaning voters went to Trump, while 8 percent of right-leaning voters backed Biden.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has maintained steady support from his base of supporters, including many religious conservatives, but has also alienated some establishment Republicans.

More than 5.26 million votes have been counted so far in Michigan, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday afternoon, with many of the remaining mailed in. So far, Biden already has secured 70.3 million votes, more than any other presidential nominee in U.S. history. Early Wednesday, Trump falsely declared that he had won the election, despite the fact that ballots were still being counted and several states had not declared a winner.