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NewsHour Connect: The Drug War North of the Border

For almost a year, “Fronteras: The Changing Americas Desk”  has produced hundreds of stories highlighting the complexities of the drug war along the border. It is one of several Local Journalism Centers (LJCs) around the country, designed to bolster reporting of regional issues that have national resonance, and is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Recently, it completed a two week-long series called “The Drug War at Home” that examines how the ongoing conflict is affecting Americans living along the border, and how some American individuals and companies are involved.

They covered stories about how American drug users fuel the trade, how smugglers are using foreclosed houses to hide drugs and people, and how Mexican smugglers use American gangs to push their product.

Series Editor Alisa Barba and Fronteras Reporter Michel Marizco talked to Hari Sreenivasan about the goals of the series and one story examining how smugglers use American banks to transfer funds.

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