Nation Dec 01

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A history of the American war on weed

On November 8, multiple states legalized marijuana for medical or recreational purposes -- so Joe Dolce’s new book on the substance's history in the U.S. is timely. Dolce argues marijuana's bad reputation is a result of political demonization, including an…

World Aug 11

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News Wrap: U.S.-backed militias continue gains in Sirte

In our news wrap Thursday, U.S.-backed militias achieved new progress in capturing the Islamic State’s last stronghold in Libya. Forces say they have now liberated 70 percent of Sirte. Also, the Australian government suggested asylum seekers complaining of sexual abuse…

Jan 20

Poco progress in Mexico drug war

If any one place symbolizes the continuing frustration facing the Mexican government dealing with drug gangs, it is Michoacan, a western state of 4.3 million, which might have suffered as many as 1,000 homicides in the past year.

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