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Israeli soldiers began forcibly removing Israeli settlers from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank on Wednesday. An Israeli military general discusses the eviction process.

Chicago was once the U.S. murder capital, but recent efforts to increase police presence on the streets and the implementation of new technologies to target criminals have resulted in a sharp drop in crime.

As Wednesday's midnight deadline approaches, Jewish settlers continue to evacuate from their homes in Gaza. Many of the Israelis protesting the pullout in the Gaza's largest settlement, Neveh Dekalim, are younger and more radical than older generations.

The Israeli government began its planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip Monday amid mass protests from defiant Jewish settlers. Two Midde East experts discuss the impact of the Gaza withdrawal on the Israelis and Palestinians who live there.

Iraqi lawmakers missed the Monday deadline to submit a new draft constitution, but parliament voted unanimously to extend the deadline by a week to Aug. 22. A New York Times reporter provides an update.