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Pelosi invites kids to podium for her swearing in

Nancy Pelosi called for kids to join her as she was sworn into as House speaker.

Dozens of youngsters gathered around Pelosi on the dais as she raised her right hand as took the oath of office. She’s the first woman to hold the office, and now she’s also the first woman to return to it.

Pelosi said on Thursday: “I now call the House to order on behalf of all of America’s children.”

Pelosi invited her grandchildren to come to the speaker’s podium, and then said other children in the chamber were welcome to join them.

Many members of the new Congress brought their sons and daughters and grandchildren along with them for the opening day of the new Congress.

It was reminiscent of the scene eight more than a decade ago when Pelosi was first elected speaker. She had served as speaker from 2007 to 2011 before Republicans took back control of the House.

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