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Vice President to Give "Big Issues" Address Wednesday Night

The vice president, who has broken with tradition by attending the convention each night, will also discuss public schools, the economy and improved health care, according to Cheney spokeswoman Anne Womack.

The vice president’s wife, Lynne Cheney, appeared on morning talks shows on Wednesday and stated that her husband’s speech would focus on the big issues — “the war on global terror, the president’s education policy, the fact that the economy is turning up again.”

Actor-turned-California-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke at the convention Tuesday night, telling Republicans that they should feel optimistic about the direction of the country.

The governor, an immigrant from Austria, called the U.S. economy “the envy of the world.”

“Under President Bush, and Vice President Cheney, America’s economy is moving ahead in spite of a recession they inherited and in spite of the attack on our homeland,” Schwarzenegger added.

Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. John Edwards had released a statement Tuesday saying that Republicans were steering clear of discussing economic issues and attacking Kerry “because they don’t have a plan.”

“They certainly don’t want to bring up the big elephant in the room — 1.8 million jobs gone, more than 5 million people who have lost their health insurance, more than 4 million people who have fallen into poverty and American families who keep seeing their incomes drop year by year,” Edwards said

While Schwarzenegger touted the president’s strength, first lady Laura Bush spoke Tuesday about the president’s compassion.

“I remember sitting in the window of the White House,” the first lady said, “watching as my husband walked on the lawn below wrestling with those agonizing decisions that would have such profound consequences for so many lives and for the future of our world.”

On the heels of Schwarzenegger’s optimistic economic outlook, Cheney and keynote speaker Democratic Senator Zell Miller from Georgia are expected to discuss the president’s plan for creating jobs and encouraging Americans to buy homes and open businesses.

Miller, who delivered the keynote speech 12 years ago at the Democratic National Convention for former President Bill Clinton, said he would explain “why this longtime Democrat, who has never voted for a Republican, by the way, in his life is voting for this one. And it has to do with the kind of man he is.”

“It has to do with the times that we live in, the very dangerous times we live in,” Miller told the AP in an interview. “And it also has something to do with President Bush’s opponent. And we’ll talk a little bit about his record.”

The president, who formally won the Republican nomination last night, will arrive in New York on Wednesday and visit a fire house in Queens.

Demonstrations continued Wednesday with protestors forming a mock three-mile unemployment line from Wall Street to Madison Square Garden. They stood peacefully single-file line for 15 minutes with pink fliers that had unemployment statistics and “The Next Pink Slip Might be Yours!” the Associated Press reported.

On Tuesday, police arrested about 1,000 people who tried to block traffic and clog sidewalks. Those arrests raised the total number arrested for convention-related protests to 1,600 since August 26, The Washington Post reported.

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