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WATCH: Biden says he refuses to accept that cooperation is dead in U.S. politics

Former Vice President Joe Biden is pushing back against criticism that it’s naive to suggest a Democratic president could negotiate with some Republicans.

The candidates spoke during the PBS NewsHour/POLITICO Democratic Debate at 8 p.m. ET. Watch in the video player above.

Harking back to his eight years as former President Barack Obama’s trusted adviser, he says it’s time to build on that work and invite Republicans to participate. Besides, he says, with a Democrat in the White House Republicans won’t have President Donald Trump “to intimidate those half a dozen Republicans we may need.”

Subtly jabbing Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Biden says he refuses “to accept the notion, as some on this stage do,” that compromise is a thing of the past. He says, “If that’s the case, we’re dead as a country.”

Given the impeachment proceedings that have touched on Trump’s questions about Biden’s tenure and his son’s work in Ukraine, Biden says he should be the one angriest with Republicans for “the way they’ve attacked me, my son and my family.”

Watch the PBS NewsHour/POLITICO Democratic debate here