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WATCH: Biden says U.S. government is about all Americans

President Joe Biden has ended his first address to a joint session of Congress by reaching to evoke the sweep of history. He says the notion of “we the people” is actually “the government, you and I.”

Watch the moment in the player above.

Biden mentioned President Franklin D. Roosevelt by name as he argued for passage of a $1.8 trillion spending plan that would greatly expand the government’s role in the lives of everyday Americans.

But as Biden wrapped up his prime-time speech, he also spoke of the mob that on Jan. 6 overran the Capitol building where he gave his address Wednesday night.

Biden took a swipe at conspiracy theorists who have criticized the concept of a “deep state,” and the president said the government was about all Americans.

He told the nation: “We have stared into an abyss of insurrection and autocracy, of pandemic and pain, and ‘We the people’ did not flinch.”

He concluded by saying that as the country begins to confront a new chapter against the pandemic, “There is not a single thing, nothing, nothing beyond our capacity. We can do whatever we set our minds to it as long as we do it together.”

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