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WATCH: Congressional Black Caucus criticizes Trump for keeping Confederate names on military bases

After President Donald Trump vowed to veto a defense bill to keep military bases such as Fort Bragg named after Confederate officers, the Congressional Black Caucus chair criticized him saying the push for renaming them has bipartisan support.

Watch the event in the player above.

The chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Democrat Rep. Karen Bass says she doesn’t understand why Trump would want to keep the names of “traitors” on military bases, but also wouldn’t be surprised if he changes his mind, saying the move to rename bases has bipartisan support.

“The President has said that he’s going to veto it, but we know that we never know what the President is going to do from one minute to the next. And so I would find it hard pressed that he would actually veto that bill because he wants traitors to continue being on the name of our military institutions,” she said.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are also applauding the decision by Mississippi to retire the state flag bearing the Confederate battle emblem, but say that more needs to be done to remove tributes to confederate leaders around the country.