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WATCH: George H.W. Bush was a class act from birth to death, says former Sen. Alan Simpson

WASHINGTON — Former Sen. Alan Simpson has hailed his old friend George H.W. Bush as man of humility, a commodity the Wyoming Republican says is rare in the capital.

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At the Washington National Cathedral memorial service for the late president on Wednesday, Simpson said, “Those who travel the high road of humility in Washington, D.C., are not bothered by heavy traffic.”

Simpson recalled that once while he was under fire by the press, Bush told him to “wave to your pals over there in the media” as they passed photographers.

Simpson says Bush accepted a 1990 bipartisan budget deal that included a tax increase, despite his campaign pledge to not raise taxes. He says Bush said, “OK, go for it, but it will be a real punch in the gut.” Simpson says “his own party turned on him” for that, contributing to his 1992 re-election defeat.

Bush died last week in Houston at age 94.

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