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WATCH: Katie Hill blames scandal, resignation on ‘double standard’

WASHINGTON (AP) — California freshman congresswoman Katie Hill says she’s resigning because of a double standard.

The Democrat told the House in her farewell speech Thursday that she’s leaving while men accused of “intentional acts of sexual violence” sit in the nation’s highest offices. And she took shots at a husband she says was abusive and conservative operatives she says published photos of her that were taken without her knowledge or consent.

Hill added, “I’m leaving because of a misogynistic culture that gleefully consumed my naked pictures (and) capitalized on my sexuality.” Hill identifies as bisexual.

She admitted to a relationship with a female campaign aide but denied an affair with a male congressional staff member, which would violate House rules. The House Ethics committee had opened a probe into the allegation.

This story was written by the Associated Press. The video was produced by the PBS NewsHour.