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WATCH: Kavanaugh denies discussing Mueller probe with White House

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh says he hasn’t talked about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation with White House officials. Nor has he discussed it, he says, with anyone at the law firm of Mark Kasowitz, who has represented President Donald Trump.

Kavanaugh acknowledged that “if you’re walking around in America,” the probe into Russian election interference is going to come up. But he said, “I’ve had no inappropriate discussions with anyone.”

Kavanaugh said he knows Mueller, a former FBI director, but hasn’t talked to him for a long time. He specifically said he hasn’t discussed Mueller’s investigation with White House counsel Don McGahn, beyond preparing for the confirmation hearings.

Democrats say they fear Kavanaugh would protect Trump if a dispute over the Russia probe reached the high court.

Sen. Kamala Harris later told Kavanaugh she had “reliable evidence” that the judge had spoken with his personal attorney’s law firm.