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WATCH: Kennedy promises children that history will show ‘We did not let you down’ on impeachment

Joe Kennedy III took to the House floor with impeachment — and his children — on his mind.

The House was opening six hours of debate Wednesday on articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, with evening votes scheduled. And Robert Kennedy’s grandson wanted to have his say.

The Massachusetts Democrat read from a letter to his own young children. It said, “This is a moment you will read about in your history books.”

With the House moving closer to impeaching a president for only the third time in U.S. history, Kennedy wanted to explain to his kids why he felt it necessary to act. Kennedy said Trump abused the “most sacred office in our land.” He said that by day’s end, the record will show that “justice won. … We did not let you down.”

But a Republican congresswoman from Arizona accused Democrats of “tearing this country apart.” Debbi Lesko said the impeachment process was unfair and rigged.

The House will vote on two charges — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The Republican-controlled Senate is expected to acquit him in a trial next year.