WATCH: Praising labor, Biden touts his infrastructure plan

A day after the national holiday that recognizes labor and labor unions, President Joe Biden praised the movement for its contributions to increasing the prosperity of American workers.

Watch Biden’s remarks in the player above.

America was built “by the middle class and unions built the middle class,” Biden declared from the White House. It is a phrase he frequently used while campaigning for the presidency.

During his remarks, Biden paused for a moment of silence to honor the union workers who died during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the union leaders John Sweeney and Richard Trumka who both died in 2021.

Biden took also the opportunity to push his infrastructure plan. “We’re going to build back better. We have to, we must,” he said.

The White House is preparing an urgent and populist message for selling Biden’s $3.5 trillion “build back better” agenda, even as House committee leaders begin churning out pieces of the forthcoming measure.

In a memo being sent Tuesday to Capitol Hill and obtained by The Associated Press, the administration warns there is no time to waste in passing the package of corporate tax hikes and domestic initiatives by the end of the month.

“We face a fundamental choice in America right now as we rebuild our economy: this time, will everyone get in on the deal?” the memo says.