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WATCH: House Armed Services Committee holds hearing on sexual assault in the military

The House Armed Services Committee held a hearing on sexual assault in the U.S. military on Tuesday.

Watch the hearing in the player above.

The Army’s handling of sexual assaults and other violence has come under significant scrutiny in the aftermath of a series of crimes, including murders and suicides last year at Fort Hood, Texas. A review panel found that military leaders at the post were not adequately dealing with high rates of sexual assault and harassment and were utterly neglecting the sexual assault prevention program.

“These special victims require and deserve all critical decisions about their case to be made by a highly trained special victim prosecutor who is independent from the chain of command,” the report says. “A commander’s position within the unit leads to an inherent appearance of a conflict of interest.”

President Joe Biden said during an International Women’s Day speech in March that there would be “an all-hands-on-deck effort under my administration to end the scourge of sexual assault in the military.” He underscored on Friday that reform was essential for the health of the military.

“This will be among the most significant reforms to our military undertaken in recent history, and I’m committed to delivering results,”” Biden said.

The commission made 28 recommendations and 54 sub-recommendations in its report to Biden, including specific changes to improve accountability of leadership, climate and culture and victim care and support.

This is a developing story and will be updated.