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WATCH: Psaki announces South Korea president visit with Biden

President Joe Biden will host South Korean President Moon Jae-in for meetings on a still-to-be announced date in the latter half of May, the White House announced on Thursday.

Watch the briefing in the video player above.

It will be Biden’s second opportunity to sit in person with a foreign counterpart since he took office during the pandemic.

Biden is scheduled to meet with Japan’s prime minister at the White House on Friday.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked by reporters if Biden was sending a message to China with his first two in-person White House guests.

“These relationships have a range of areas of cooperation,” Psaki said. “It is an opportunity to discuss those in person,” and she anticipated China would come up in those face-to-face talks.

The visit by South Korea’s president will follow visits to Seoul by the secretary of state and defense secretary.

The White House earlier announced the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats and sanctions against dozens of people and companies.

The moves are to hold the Kremlin accountable for interference in last year’s presidential election and the cyber hacking last year of federal government agencies.

The sanctions, announced Thursday, represent the first retaliatory actions announced against the Kremlin for the hack, familiarly known as the SolarWinds breach.

Russia swiftly denounced the actions and warned of retaliation.

The U.S. measures signal a harder line against Russian leader Vladimir Putin, whom President Donald Trump was reluctant to criticize even as his administration pursued its own sanctions.

“Our objective here is not to escalate,” Psaki said. “Our objective is to impose costs for what we feel are unacceptable actions.”