WATCH: McCarthy hits Biden on ‘constant state of crisis’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy hammered President Joe Biden, saying he “has put this country in a constant state of crisis, day after day.”

Watch the event in the player above.

McCarthy slammed Biden for the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the surge of Haitian migrants at the Texas border and the administration’s mammoth package of spending and tax initiatives now under consideration on Capitol Hill.

“We have heard many compare the Biden administration and presidency to Jimmy Carter days,” McCarthy said.

“But with the crisis after crisis continuing to unfold under the Biden watch, I now realize that comparison is an actual insult to Jimmy Carter,” he said.

The camp on the Texas border where more than 14,000 migrants had waited along the Texas border just days ago was dramatically smaller Thursday after authorities ramped up efforts in the last day or so to remove migrants.

However, the Biden administration’s special envoy to Haiti, Daniel Foote, submitted a letter of resignation protesting the “inhumane” large-scale expulsions of Haitian migrants, U.S. officials said Thursday.

“Where is the border czar, Vice President Harris?” McCarthy asked rhetorically.

“Tomorrow will mark the sixth month since she was appointed to this role. And in that time, the situation at the border has only continued to deteriorate,” he said.

Republicans are solidly opposed to the spending and tax proposals on Capitol Hill, and Democrats will be able to push the legislation through Congress only if they limit their defections to three House members and none in the Senate.

“The only people that will get any blame for this is the Democrats and their management,” McCarthy said.

“We’ve watched crisis after crisis from the border to Afghanistan to now putting our debt into crisis.”