WATCH: President Biden delivers remarks at the 70th National Prayer Breakfast

President Joe Biden said Thursday the country faces “an inflection point in our history” while speaking at a prayer breakfast in Washington.

Watch Biden’s remarks in the player above.

“The division has become so palpable. Not just here, but around the world,” Biden said.

Biden said he believed the world is “at one of those moments… so much is at stake.”

“For if a house divided cannot stand, surely a house united can do anything,” Biden said.  “We have a chance, a chance to make hope and history rhyme because the rest of the world is looking to us.”

The president told those in attendants he defines America in “one word” as a nation of “possibilities.”

“One of the reasons why other countries sometimes think we’re arrogant is we believe anything is possible,” Biden said.  “And faith in the American people prove each and every day we’re a great nation because we’re at our heart of good people.”