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WATCH: Senate committee holds hearing on ballot access, campaign financing and ethics

A Senate committeeheld a hearing on Wednesday to discuss the “For the People Act” on ballot access and campaign finance ethics.

Watch in the video player above.

The hearing comes as state legislatures across the country consider bills that would create hurdles for millions of voters.

Republican lawmakers in Georgia are backing away from two of the more contentious efforts to limit voting access. But they’re still pushing forward with sweeping changes proposed after Democrats won the state’s presidential contest and two U.S. Senate runoffs.

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Democrats and voting rights groups say the proposals would still restrict voting access in other harmful ways and inject more partisanship into the administration of elections. New versions of election bills advancing in state House and Senate committees no longer contain provisions that would limit Sunday voting.

That’s a popular day for Black churchgoers to vote during “souls to the polls” events. Also gone is language to greatly limit who can vote absentee.